Asymmetrical Jogger Cuff

Asymmetrical Jogger Cuff
Item# 6024V

Product Description

Asymmetrical Jogger Cuff
Asymmetrical resistance cuffs for ankles. Offers more or less resistance depending on which position they are placed on the ankle.

Sizing: Fits snuggly on ankles 9in circumference and larger.

Increases cardiovascular workout or use in rehab program. Use in deep or shallow water. Soft, durable, chlorine resistant closed cell foam with adjustable Velcro strap. Will not chip, break or absorb water. Latex Free. Sold in pairs.

Special Needs Corner: Spasticity causes feet to sink. These closed cell foam cuffs are a solution to maintain the body in alignment while in water.

*Straps not attached for easier adjustment.